We try to ship our items quickly. If it is paid with PAYPAL it generally is next day. If it is Stripe or Check it has to wait until payment clears. Stripe generally has a 2 day quick pay. (and of course exceptions are Sunday or a Postal Holiday orders.)
We have many options: Paypal (Preferred), Stripe, Money Orders, Cashier's Check, Personal Checks (however items will not ship unless paid until cleared on Personal Checks)
See our contact information and make an offer.
Shipping Rates for US ONLY Items ship via USPS Books & Movies ship via Media Mail or First Class SPORT CARDS & TRADING CARDS (football, baseball, WCW, gaming etc.) are shipped in a plain white envelope with NO Tracking. If tracking is preferred the fee is $3.00. email me and I will adjust the items listing.
No - we no longer prefer shipping overseas. We are US only shipping. But - if you contact us with your country and code we can look into the available shipping and prices and provide a quote. And occasionally exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
Yes! As long as the your items are ordered at the same time. // My store will automatically adjust the shipping rate at checkout when multiple items are added to the shopping cart.
Proper Guidelines & How to Measure Jeans / Pants Lay Jeans/Pants flat, face up and do not stretch or pull fabric. WAIST: Measure flat across the back waistband from one side to the other with the natural dip. You will need to DOUBLE this number to get actual waist size. INSEAM: Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg on the inside seam. HIPS: Measure across the base of the zipper from edge to edge then you will need to DOUBLE the number. FRONT RISE: Measure from the crotch seam to the top of the front waistband. BACK or REAR RISE: Similar to the front rise, measure from the crotch seam to the top of the back waistband. OUTER SEAM(Length): Measure from the bottom of the leg to the upper edge of the waistband. SWEEP/ FLARE/ CUFF: Flare:  measured at the end of the pant leg across the bottom opening.  Typically this measurement is NOT doubled
SHOULDER: Shoulder to shoulder is measured at the top from seam to seam where the arms meet the shoulders and this will help determine free arm movement. CHEST: Underarm to underarm is measured like the shoulders and this will help determine the chest fit and help arm movement. SLEEVE LENGTH: are measured from the shoulder seam to the tip of the cuff hem. LENGTH: Overall length is measured down the front center of the shirt from the top button (collar) to the tip of the bottom hem. CUFF OPENING: measured along the bottom edge of the sleeve opening. Note: Jacket cuff opening is measure it the wrist - not at a bottom that has maybe knitted material to hug the wrist.
I put some under Collectible/Vintage due to age - not necessarily rarity Or for lack of a better listing option for them.
We do extensive research on dates and authors before listing. We use several different sites so our numbers are not random. If you see a book you would like and want a different price MAKE AN OFFER. Any reasonable offer will be considered.
Most of our ebooks are in PDF format and most are also converted into word format. We can send them via email. If you would like them on CD and shipped it will be $3.00 shipping & handling.
MEDIA MAIL is used for - Books that contain at lease 8 pages. The books are not required to be bound. - The books cannot contain advertising other than announcements of other books. (so Magazines can not ship as media mail) - Printed music, 16 MM Films, Video & Sound Recordings, - Manuscripts, and Printed Educational Charts. - Loose-leaf pages & binders consisting of medical information. - Computer-readable media mail. Example: diskettes, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. Information that is prerecorded on the media does not have to be one of the qualifying items (example: books, films, printed music, etc.) to be eligible for the rate. - Recorded CDs and DVDs - CDs and DVDs (only) are acceptable. Also, video game CDs and DVDs (only) are acceptable. -Old magazines/comics with no advertising. Examples of what DOES NOT qualify for Media Mail Rates: Game cartridges - Computer hardware or game consoles (example being Sega or Nintendo game consoles and video game cartridges) that contain a computer chip or other like-materials do not qualify. Blank Media - Blank CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, and video tapes. Other non-recordable media included. Video Tapes with advertising. Trailers for movies are not considered advertising. The tape cannot be advertising movies or anything else for sale. Photographs or photo albums. Trading Cards, such as sports & hobby cards (example: baseball cards).
Returns/Exchanges have to be done within 5 days of receiving your purchase -- we don't cover return shipping costs. And you must supply a new tracking number to us before we refund -- If you have received your item and request a refund it will be LESS the amount of the cost of shipping the item to you (your refund will be for the item only / not shipping costs) -- email wenzel3@citlink.net and most of the time we can work out any issues you may have with item(s)
I enjoy doing business on eCRATER and each customer deserves respect and attention. Nobody likes negative feedback - especially posted. So if possible contact us first and see if we can work out any issues. So if an issue arises I will do my best to satisfy my customers so maybe negative feedback won't happen. Please contact me if you have any concerns or issues about items you purchase from my store because your satisfaction is my goal.